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The artist photographer Coralie Sanson offers as part of the exhibition "Temps Graphique", an exploration of the creative, artisanal and mechanical-technical universe of Ludovic Rohrer, watchmaker. Based in a workshop in Haute Savoie, Ludovic Rohrer exercises his profession in an integral manner, taking responsibility for all stages of the manufacture of a watch, from its birth in his creative imagination, to the final and definitive assembly. The technical and artisanal environment of this practice offers Coralie Sanson an inexhaustible field of photographic exploration. The works produced during this project were inspired by brass plates used for the machining of micro mechanical parts intended for the composition of the future watch. The plates receive the marking of this process, repeated as the parts are manufactured. The result is a tangle of lines, colors and textures, which takes the artist to graphic universes as unexpected as they are aesthetically surprising. This random aesthetic, already present in the artist's photographic work (see exhibitions "Natations et Vertiges" 2018, "Pairs-Noces or Pers-Noces" 2017-2018), is once again at the center of this "Temps Graphique" exhibition.

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