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The Edouard Pailleron swimming pool, like the Pontoise (Paris 5th) and Molitor (Paris 16th) establishments, was initially designed by the architect Lucien Pollet in 1933. It is characteristic of the first nautical complexes built in France in the 1930s. The 1990's see its closure, before an inscription under the Monumenst Historiques guilde in June 1998. The Pool Pailleron is officially re-opened in 2006, after major work led by the architect Marc Mimram, under the aegis of Paris city hall. The establishment combines a typical architecture "art deco" with a more contemporary space, deploying different spots of activities: the original sports pool, recreational pools dedicated to recreational swimming and baby swimmers, the jacuzzi pool dedicated to relaxation. This juxtaposition of varied spaces gives to the place a friendly and conducive to meetings ambience. The "regulars of Pailleron", of which Coralie Sanson is a part, are viscerally attached to their swimming pool and to this very peculiar universe, made of a mixture of sport training and social reunion.

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