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Coralie Sanson's work is somewhere in between purely aesthetic graphic exploration and the mobilization of the imagination leading to the interpretation of images. Photographic research, as with lightpainting, allows a photographic syntax always in motion, with back and forth between the emotions felt during the shooting, and the sensations experienced when the image is discovered.The city (Paris, Geneva, London) is one of her favorite playgrounds.

She seeks, in the construction of the image, to select a strangeness that will challenge, solicit thought, the association of ideas, reverie, with a desire to share with as many people as possible the use of imagination and creativity.


At the heart of this approach, we find the initial training of Coralie Sanson, in the field of mental health care, training which infiltrates several projects already accomplished by the artist.


Coralie Sanson works in Paris and Geneva, and lives in Haute Savoie, in Geneva's suburb.

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