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  • Residency project with the Watchmaking and Neckline Museum, continuing the “Temps Graphique” exhibition. Partnership with the community of Communes Cluses Arve and Montagne, macro photography workshops with teenagers from the watchmaking high school in the town of Cluses, restitution of the works during an exhibition in 2025.

  • In this same context, exploration in macro photography of pieces exhibited or stored in the museum archives. Return of the works during another exhibition in 2025.



  • "Graphic Time" exhibition at the watchmaking and bar turning museum, city of Cluses (Haute Savoie - France), from March 5 to 31, 2023


2021 - 2022:

  • Creation and launching of the cultural and artistic space "Le Lab" with the support of the city of Vougy and of Jannick Gauthier, responsible for Vougy's mediatheque. Opening night on the 3rd of February 2022, with the Mayor Mr Yves Massarotti.

  • June 2022: "Lighting Playground" exhibition at the "Le lab" space, of portraits made in light painting with the children of the CE2/CM1 class of the Julia Constantin school group (74130 Vougy, Haute Savoie).J

  • October - November 2022: "Temps Graphique" exhibition. Images from the project in collaboration with Ludovic Rohrer, watchmaker based in Haute Savoie and now an employee of the luxury watch industry in Geneva. The exhibition will be launched the 22nd of october at Le Lab in Vougy, with the city team, supporting the project and the organization commitie of the event "com les pros".



  • May - June: Presentation of the continuation of the "Natation et vertiges" project at the Edouard Pailleron swimming pool (Paris), and construction of an exhibition project within the building, for 2019 - 2020.

  •  April 2019: Light painting workshops with three units of care in adult and adolescent psychiatry:

    • Malatavie Crisis Unit (Geneva), light painting workshop with hospitalized or outpatient adolescents, with the support of Children Action Foundation.

    • Belle Idée Nicolas Bouvier Unit (Geneva), light painting workshop with adult patients in ambulatory consultation, with the support of the HUG cultural affairs department.

    • Belle Idée Salève Unit (Geneva), light painting workshop with teenage patients in closed hospitalization, with the support of the HUG cultural affairs department.


2015 - 2018:

  • September 2018: Launching of the exhibitions  "Pers-Noces" or "Pairs-Noces" from a work realised with the PEPS (Programme Expérimenté de Prescription de Stupéfiants) users, between april and august 2017. Exhibitions visible to the 31st of march 2019 in Geneva:

    • Espace Opéra - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève - Rue Gabrielle Perret Gentil 4 - 1205 Geneva

    • CAAP Arve - Route des Acacias 3 - 1227 Geneva

    • CAAP Grand-Pré - Rue du Grand Pré 70C - 1202 Geneva

  • June 2018: Launching of the exhibition "Natations et vertiges" from the 25th june to the 22nd of july 2018, at Marignac swimminpool, Lancy - Geneva- Switzerland. With the support of the city of Lancy and the APG/SGA, société genevoise d'affichage. Link toward the city of Lancy's website:

  • January 2018: Publication of an images selection from the "Pers-Noces" or "Pair-Noces" project, on the blog AddictoHug. Link:

  • January 2017: Validation of the MoMa online teaching , "Seeing through photographs", instructed by Sarah Meister,  MoMa Photographic department curator .Massive Online Open Course (Mooc) on internet access by the platform

  • Between october 2016 and march 2017: Creation of the project "Pers-Noces" (temporary title), building portraits of safe injection room users and medical heroine prescription program users.

  • March 2017: Continuation of the "Natation et Vertiges" project with the city of Geneva.

  • Since july 2015 : Partnership with the city of Pantin (Seine Saint Denis, France) and the "communauté d'agglomération Est Ensemble", for the "Natation et Vertiges" project, in the municipal swimmingpool "Leclerc", listed historical monument. 

  • January 2015: Exhbition "interférences" in collaboration with Anne Christine Wellenstein, painter and V. Gabralga, writer and poet.

from 5 january to 23 january 2015, at "espace Scipion", Paris.

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