• May - June: Presentation of the continuation of the "Natation et vertiges" project at the Edouard Pailleron swimming pool (Paris), and construction of an exhibition project within the building, for 2019 - 2020.

  •  April 2019: Light painting workshops with three units of care in adult and adolescent psychiatry:

    • Malatavie Crisis Unit (Geneva), light painting workshop with hospitalized or outpatient adolescents, with the support of Children Action Foundation. https://www.childrenaction.org/

    • Belle Idée Nicolas Bouvier Unit (Geneva), light painting workshop with adult patients in ambulatory consultation, with the support of the HUG cultural affairs department.

    • Belle Idée Salève Unit (Geneva), light painting workshop with teenage patients in closed hospitalization, with the support of the HUG cultural affairs department.


2015 - 2018:

  • September 2018: Launching of the exhibitions  "Pers-Noces" or "Pairs-Noces" from a work realised with the PEPS (Programme Expérimenté de Prescription de Stupéfiants) users, between april and august 2017. Exhibitions visible to the 31st of march 2019 in Geneva:

    • Espace Opéra - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève - Rue Gabrielle Perret Gentil 4 - 1205 Geneva

    • CAAP Arve - Route des Acacias 3 - 1227 Geneva

    • CAAP Grand-Pré - Rue du Grand Pré 70C - 1202 Geneva

  • June 2018: Launching of the exhibition "Natations et vertiges" from the 25th june to the 22nd of july 2018, at Marignac swimminpool, Lancy - Geneva- Switzerland. With the support of the city of Lancy and the APG/SGA, société genevoise d'affichage. Link toward the city of Lancy's website: https://www.lancy.ch/agenda/exposition-natations-et-vertiges-de-coralie-sanson

  • January 2018: Publication of an images selection from the "Pers-Noces" or "Pair-Noces" project, on the blog AddictoHug. Link: https://addictohug.ch/projet-pers-noces-pair-noces/

  • May 2017: Realisation of the project "Pers-Noce" or "Pair-Noces" (temporary title) and beginning of the portrait shooting for the Peps (Programme Expérimenté de Prescription de Stupéfiants) users, at the CAAP Arve, Geneva.

  • April and may 2017: Shooting of the pools at the Marignac sports complex, in partnership with the city of Lancy, Geneva district, Switzerland.

  • January 2017: Validation of the MoMa online teaching , "Seeing through photographs", instructed by Sarah Meister,  MoMa Photographic department curator .Massive Online Open Course (Mooc) on internet access by the platform  www.coursera.org

  • Between october 2016 and march 2017: Creation of the project "Pers-Noces" (temporary title), building portraits of safe injection room users and medical heroine prescription program users. http://addictohug.ch/artdiction-flash-de-saint-valentin/

  • March 2017: Continuation of the "Natation et Vertiges" project with the city of Geneva.

  • Since july 2015 : Partnership with the city of Pantin (Seine Saint Denis, France) and the "communauté d'agglomération Est Ensemble", for the "Natation et Vertiges" project, in the municipal swimmingpool "Leclerc", listed historical monument. 

  • January 2015: Exhbition "interférences" in collaboration with Anne Christine Wellenstein, painter and V. Gabralga, writer and poet.



from 5 january to 23 january 2015, at "espace Scipion", Paris.