The series presented here come from artwork realised in different situations and through variable periods,  first around a central theme: the exploration of water. I'm looking for an image building process, carrying the sensations it might stir up, its effets, its sounds, its contrast, its lights, to obtain sometimes an abstact depiction. This attraction conducted my photographic work to explore water through several forms: eroding and wearing out, overflowing and powerfull, calm and still, imaginary water. The series are deliberately shorts and correspond to a changing place or time. Gradually, I started again a wider work of exploration, still with series building, with either old pictures that i rediscovered, or new photographies i took.

The galerie is based on compressed files. Some visuals alterations may appear, and are not visible on the originals.

The images are not copyright-free, and are protected by law, under the Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle.